Is it advisable to run B2B PPC campaigns on weekends/holidays?

The short and immediate answer to this question is: Yes. A more qualified answer is: it depends. It will be a folly to generalise a PPC campaign strategy and hence it is important to evaluate results and campaign performance for a certain period before deciding to go either way.

While it is reasonably logical to assume that B2B users may not carry out their vendor identification during the weekends, practical experience from numerous PPC campaigns we have run tells us that genuine business leads are generated during those days. And, we are talking about inquiries being sent by senior people from several large multinational corporations. Whether it is a case of the inquirer not being too concerned about rigidly separating work versus personal time or that they are just catching up on activities like vendor sourcing during ‘lighter’ days, there is merit in ensuring that your marketing messages are seen by the intended audience irrespective of the day of the week.

Of course, if your business is such that inquirers are contacting you for instant telephonic/ e-mail support and you are not geared to provide that, it makes sense to turn off your PPC campaign during weekends and holidays.

In a nutshell, we suggest that you create a PPC campaign to run on all days of the week, observe the trends in the clickthroughs, the absolute number of conversions and the cost per conversions of the campaign for at least 3 weeks and then taken an informed decision on restricting your campaign by the day of the week.

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