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Ask The Expert

  • For an online business, does mobile-only make sense? For an online business, does mobile-only make sense?

    The question whether it makes sense for businesses to forget all about their web-presence and focus exclusively on reaching out and engaging their audience via a mobile app is getting asked increasingly. The rapidly growing mobile penetration, especially in a country like India where mobile penetration rate is much faster than that of desktop/ lapt

  • Facebook’s organic reach decline: Implications and tips for social media marketers Facebook’s organic reach decline: Implications and tips for social media marketers

    That Facebook has tightened its reins with respect to reach of ‘organic’ ie. non- sponsored posts on company pages is now universally acknowledged by those closely following social media. The drastic drop in the number of “fans” who now see posts from a brand they have “Liked” in their news feed without support from paid spend has cause

  • Does posting content on Facebook benefit SEO?

    At this point in time, circa March 2014, no; there is no evidence of greater reach (Likes) or engagement on Facebook being helpful in boosting a website's search engine rankings. So, if you are thinking of using Facebook presence as another tactic to help drive more organic search engine traffic to your website, our advice would be to shelve that t

  • Is affiliate marketing lucrative as a revenue stream for a web publisher?

    Worldwide, affiliate marketing is a huge industry with affiliate publishers generating billions of dollars of sales for merchants and the publishers themselves earning millions of dollars. The industry is large enough so as to warrant several hugely-popular events such as the Affiliate Summit. In India, affiliate marketing is yet to really take off

  • How should we counter bad online reviews?

    Hmm... if you are getting some bad online reviews, a good place to start is to understand why you are getting such bad reviews and fix the problems that result in these. Now that is a fairly obvious thing to do but the fact is that sometimes the issues don't get resolved in a timely fashion. Part of that may be due to a defensive attitude that migh

  • How useful or effective is Facebook for B2B marketing?

    This is a common question most B2B marketers as well as publishers of B2B media have to contend with: how relevant or effective is social media and in particular, Facebook, in marketing to a business audience? The answer is-- it depends on the objective of one's marketing efforts and the expectations of the outcome from such marketing. If the o

  • Are press releases still useful for SEO?

    Based on our experience, the underlying (real) question is whether press releases are useful for link building. Our answer is: yes, press releases are effective and not just as a SEO tactic but as part of a much larger content/inbound marketing effort. Of course, with Google increasingly coming down on all kinds of links, the value of a link

  • Is it advisable to run B2B PPC campaigns on weekends/holidays?

    The short and immediate answer to this question is: Yes. A more qualified answer is: it depends. It will be a folly to generalise a PPC campaign strategy and hence it is important to evaluate results and campaign performance for a certain period before deciding to go either way. While it is reasonably logical to assume that B2B users may not ca

  • Should we apply Facebook’s country restriction feature for pages?

    As many of you know, Facebook offers the capability to restrict visibility of a "Page" to a particular country. It may be useful for some social media marketers who want to strictly limit their page to be seen by visitors from a country. It can serve to cut out 'noise' and 'irrelevant' visitors. However, before using this feature, I'd like you to c