Agility Research launches online survey platform reaching affluent customers

Singapore-based Agility Research & Strategy has launched, an online survey platform that allows marketers to run quick market surveys of affluent customers. According to the company, the survey platform is backed by a proprietary panel of respondents comprising over 15 million affluent, mass-affluent and high net-worth individuals.

Marketers can use the pre-paid credit system to buy credits for surveys they intend to run. Currently, three different pricing options are provided, starting at US$999 for 10,000 credits that will allow a marketer to survey 100 respondents in 2 countries.

Surveys run on can reach respondents in about 18 countries including China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, France, US, and the UK.

According to Amrita Banta, Managing Director of Agility Research & Strategy, “Our motivation behind building this product lies in the access to the affluent consumers, the “Influential Affluent “who are a major segment for brands and marketers to target. Access to these consumers is difficult and the process is expensive and lengthy. Affluential helps managers tap into the mind of affluent consumers globally.”

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- The NetMarketer News Bureau