Cash On Apps gives mobile recharge to Indian users for installing apps

Cash On Apps, an Android app available on the Google Play store, lets people discover new apps and games while at the same time earn mobile credits for doing so. Credits earned by downloading applications can be redeemed as mobile recharge. The app is developed by Dot Com Infoway, a multinational information technology company providing mobile applications and marketing solutions.

To avail of the mobile credits, users need to simply register with Cash On Apps and download apps they like. Users earn credits for all apps they download, and can redeem them as mobile recharge. They could also earn bonus credits by successfully inviting their friends to join the Cash On Apps network.

Targeting users throughout India, Cash On Apps has no limit on the number of credits that can be earned. C.R. Venkatesh, Dot Com Infoway’s CEO, said, “The idea of free mobile recharge is one of the most sought-after benefits for mobile users. We created Cash On Apps to give users an innovative platform for browsing new apps, and earning mobile credits along the way”.

“As a higher number of downloads enhances developer credibility, Cash On Apps is ultimately beneficial for the user as well as individual app creators. Essentially, it puts great apps on the fast track to success, while rewarding their users and getting apps into their hands faster. In the future, we plan to introduce options to redeem the earned credits as iTunes credit, Amazon credit, PayPal credit, and movie tickets,” added Venkatesh.

Cash On Apps combines the two most important things in the mobile world – useful apps, and mobile minutes.