Digital marketers of online shopping sites welcome Google product listing ads

Search engine marketers in India using Google Adwords for SEM campaigns for online shopping sites will welcome the recent roll-out of Google Adwords’ product listing ads. The introduction of this advertising format in India reflects the growth of the e-commerce landscape in the country.

A popular feature of Google search results in other parts of the world for product-related queries, these product listing ads can be used by marketers in both a cost-per-click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA) model.

Product listing ads typically display product name, an image, product pricing and the name of the merchant. Marketers don’t have to worry about creating separate ad creatives.

Some common questions that marketers may have regarding product listing ads:
a) Do product listing ads cost more than regular Adwords ads?

b) Are product listing ads available only for display on the Google content/ Placement network?

c) Can these ads be used by online product catalogs that do not sell online?

d) Are these ads more effective than regular Adwords ads?

Online marketers interested in finding out more about the product listing ads can find out more here.