Google Adwords rolls-out call-out extensions

Google Adwords, the most-used paid search advertising program in the world, has rolled out a call-out extensions feature, to add to the list of extension options that it already provides advertisers. The call-out extensions are additional text that advertisers can use to highlight and promote specific features about their product or service. The feature will be available for all advertisers around the world in a few weeks’ time. Search advertisers should note that call-outs will be an important factor in determining AdRank.

Call-outs, will complement other extensions already available for advertisers such as Site Link extensions or Call Extensions. Keeping the call-outs relevant and focused to the main message being used with the ad copy.

Here are some important points to remember regarding the call-out extension:

a) Call-outs can be added at the account, campaign, or ad group level: Advertisers can therefore provide more general information about their products and services at the account or campaign level, and more detailed information at the ad group level.

b) 25 character limit for call-outs: Upto 4 call-outs can be shown with an ad.

c) Call-outs can be executed from the Ad extensions tab

Visit the Google Adwords blog for additional details about the call-out extensions’ feature.

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