Google India launches premier SME partner scheme for digital ads

Realizing the strong demand for digital ads from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Google India has launched a premier SME Partner programme. The intent is to help Indian SMEs grow their businesses through digital ads. Specialized services will be offered to SMEs to help them improve their business.

The Managing Director and Vice President of Sales at Google India, Rajan Anandan, said β€œ This programme is launched with the aim to have 30 large-scale channel partners who would serve the top 100 cities in India by the end of 2013. Our aim is to have more than 10,000 people selling Google products.”

β€œThe partners will be given complete training to make them capable of providing top expertise and proficiency in developing, launching, and managing digital campaigns for SMEs. Our partners will be able to provide end-to-end marketing solutions including Search engine marketing.”

According to Mr. Rajan, small and medium sized businesses are mushrooming in India and digital advertising is a good tool that can help these businesses grow and compete with each other on a broad platform.

Google India will invest in assisting partners with committed marketing and sales support. This would include direct access to Google, market research and training, operational support and other support services.
Google has already shortlisted six premier partners and started working with them to improvise their sales force via training programs. For SMEs, this is a good development as they get a chance to be in direct contact with a Google-trained professional.