Google Penguin 3.0 rolled out globally

If it is October, it must be time for one of the dreaded Google algorithm updates, or so it seems. Google’s dreaded Penguin algorithm update has been reportedly rolled out on Friday, October 17. It is reported that this latest update affects about 1% of search queries globally. The last Penguin update was rolled out in the early part of October 2013.

The Penguin algorithm is intended to penalise sites with poor link profiles or those deemed to be indulging in unnatural link acquisition activities. The first of the Penguin series of updates was rolled out on April 24, 2012. There was another major Penguin update on May 22, 2013 which was among the most severe ones, affecting several well-known sites. Subsequently, Google rolled out another version of this update in early October last year.

As with any algorithm update, some sites seem to benefit from it, while many others seem to get penalised. However, the buzz in the SEO industry about this latest Penguin update has been considerably muted, indicating that this update may not have been as severe as a couple of the previous updates.

The Penguin updates over the last two years has forced SEO agencies as well as natural search marketers in general to re-evaluate how and where they acquired inbound links to their websites from. Two well-accepted tactics of the past, viz. guest blogging and online press release distribution have also come under Google’s radar, with the search engine either devaluing or penalising links obtained from such sources. The question that search engine marketers face is, what really is a “good” and “natural” link? Should they even consciously try to obtain links, because as some pros say, the good links are the ones obtained without asking.

-The NetMarketer Editorial Bureau