Google’s “Panda” update rolled out globally, user feedback on sites used as a relevancy signal

Google has rolled out its “Panda” algorithm update globally for all English language websites. This is one update that webmasters and SEO professionals will be very closely monitoring, particularly after the negative impact it had on traffic for a large number of sites when it was implemented in the US in late February.

One of the important announcements related to this update is that Google will be using user feedback in determining relevance of a website/ page to users. This feedback could be in the form of websites blocked either through the Chrome extension or even from the search results.

While the original roll-out in the US affected about 12% of US queries, the global implementation is expected to impact about 2% of US queries. However, we suspect the figure will be much higher globally.

Websites that have a lot of non-US traffic better monitor the impact of this change on their metrics.

Read the announcement from Google here.

Has your website been affected by the Google Panda update? If yes, let us know to what extent and what steps you are taking to overcome this.