SEO Top 10 – Best SEO articles, April 1-15, 2019

The SEO space has been abuzz with articles evaluating the impact of the March 12, 2019 core algorithm update. This particular algorithm update was reportedly much bigger than many other Google algorithm updates over the past several months. We’ve compiled our own list of the SEO Top 10 articles that have been published from around the world in the first fortnight of this month – which will hopefully give a clear picture of the most important happenings in the world of SEO.

1. Growth in mobile traffic
A recent blog post on Stone Temple Consulting blog studies the mobile versus desktop traffic trends between 2016-2018, based on data from SimilarWeb. This data is from US web traffic, so there may be differences in the proportion of web traffic in India. However, some of the patterns of web traffic will be interesting for users in other parts of the world too.

The key data reported in this article are: a) mobile traffic accounts for almost 58% of visits to websites while desktop traffic is 42% b) desktop users spent more time on websites; moreover the average time spent per visit is getting shorter for mobile users c) the bounce rate of mobile visits continues to be higher than that of desktop users.

The implication is that online marketers will not only have to make their websites mobile friendly but they’ll also have to ensure that the mobile experience is truly optimised as mobile users seem to be a lot more impatient!

Read the report here.

2. Building authority in local SEO
As Google continues to give a lot more weightage to local results in the main SERP, it makes sense to continue to understand the nuances of local SEO. The fundamentals remain the same: ensure that you are giving a lot of local signals to Google in the content you offer, whether it be in the content or the links you obtain for the site. Ensure that you are getting a lot more local links.

Read this article by Jesse McDonald on how to build authority in local SEO.