How to use slideshare for effective content marketing and lead generation

Slideshare makes an interesting B2B platform for marketers by allowing the users to share media files and slides.

What makes slideshare popular?

Figures talk for themselves for the popularity of slideshare

• Slideshare is one of the top 150 sites on the web and is ahead of many popular sites like Reddit and MediaFire.
• 50 million unique visitors a month and a low bounce rate proves the uniqueness and relevance of the content
• 1140 slides – that is the number of slides that visitors view at any given moment!
• LinkedIn being the parent company of slideshare, this platform offers the best of both the sites and social media connectivity. The hard to beat LinkedIn/slideshare combo will give the users a powerful arsenal in the social media platform.
• Users can sign up for slideshare Pro for free and apart from uploading slides, this site will let the users to upload videos or upload content for a selected audience.
• Slideshare by engaging the users will ensure consistent lead generation for marketers who may be baffled by the low impact their website content is having on the bottom line of users. Let’s admit it! Content marketing has little value in generating leads without the back up of social media channels. Slideshare tools allow the users to add email list, demo requests or other relevant information at any point in their business presentation.
• Another big plus is that its presentation iframe is embeddable in websites and blogs, which will go a long way in generating leads. The embedded presentation link can be shared over twitter or Facebook and the users who open these will find the embedded presentation in your slideshare page.
• Marketers can make their blogs neat and trim with its handy multiple calls-to-action tools like an email sign-up box and links related content without adding up the pages.

Why use slideshare?

Slideshare will give the advantage for marketers to share videos, presentations and slides with more of your followers and prospects. Here are some of the advantages that not many social media platforms can ensure.

Simplicity: Slideshare presentations are simple to create and does not involve much time or staff resources. Anyone who is familiar with the popular software programs like Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote can get started right away.
Easy updation: Slideshare lets you update your presentation any time
Visibility: Slideshare presentations are search engine optimized that will attract viewers on their own. You have the added advantage of embedding your presentations in emails or blogs.
Monitor views: Slideshare will keep a tab on the views and downloads of each presentations and will let you measure the popularity of the topic over a period of time. In addition, there are lead generation forms that will allow your users to contact you.

How to ensure effective content marketing with slideshare

• Segment the content and lead forms by the type of audience for better lead generation and response. The lead capture forms of slideshare will simplify content management for businesses catering to a diverse audience by creating different segments and categories to connect with the target audience.

• Appropriate placing of your form: The position where the lead form will appear in your presentations plays an important role in lead generation. Place your form strategically to draw the best views and to get your audience engaged with the content, place the form at the end of the presentation.

• Get the add-ons: If you need tools that are sophisticated that an email to keep track of the leads that you make, you can employ slideshare’s lead capture feature plugs into Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce


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