• Google testing card/box style interface on desktop & mobile search results?

    Google is continuing to test a card based user interface for its search results in newer geographies. This time, the new interface is being testing on both Desktop and Mobile SERPs

    The interface tests were first spotted on May 19 with desktop searches on Google Singapore. We brought this to the attention of some leading SEO blogs, including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Round Table & The SEM Post that reported the story in detail. Search results on Google India did not seem to be affected at the time – and for the next couple of days as well. However, today we have we have spotted similar tests being conducted on Google India search results pages. We’ve carried out these tests from Navi Mumbai, India and it is very likely that users in other parts of India may see very different result formats, considering the nature of such tests. Continue reading “Google testing card/box style interface on desktop & mobile search results?” »

  • Sophisticated marketers allocate almost 46% to content marketing: report Sophisticated marketers allocate almost 46% to content marketing: report

    Content marketing can be defined as a strategic approach of marketing, which involves creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content in order to attract and retain a defined audience and to encourage profitable response from them. Most organizations have increasingly adopted content marketing in recent times, but only a few of them have been really effective at it. Some of the world’s best marketers know how important it is to have a documented content marketing strategy and an editorial mission statement. Frequent meetings with their team and experimentation with various tactics are some of the methods that top marketers adopt in order to ensure their content marketing success. We present some of the key takeaways of the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, published by MarketingProfs in association with the Content Marketing Institute: Continue reading “Sophisticated marketers allocate almost 46% to content marketing: report” »

  • E-mail marketing still important channel for B2B marketers: report E-mail marketing still important channel for B2B marketers: report

    Buying process in the B2B segment takes longer than in the usual B2C segment. The reasons for this are typically large investments, higher stakes, and the involvement of several decision makers in B2B marketing. Most B2B marketers have been using e-mail marketing for decades, but an astounding 53% of them continue to struggle with their low click-through rates. All this and more are part of a recent report released by Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex.

    The objective of this report is to understand the most challenging obstacles to the success of email marketing that B2B marketers have been encountering all this while. It also includes the insights given by many of the business, marketing, and sales professionals; most of whom are from the B2B marketing segment. Continue reading “E-mail marketing still important channel for B2B marketers: report” »

  • 'Mobilegeddon', Google's 'mobile-friendly' algorithm hits several top sites ‘Mobilegeddon’, Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm hits several top sites

    Google’s much-talked about, and dreaded, mobile-friendly algorithm- now christened ‘Mobilegeddon’ by the SEO community- started rolling out on April 21, 2015. Unlike some of the other major algorithm updates, this one did not show any significant swings in the immediate aftermath of its roll-out. However, close to a week after its roll-out, several search ranking and visibility tracking tools are reporting that traffic to some of the world’s largest sites have been hit hard with this update. Continue reading “‘Mobilegeddon’, Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm hits several top sites” »

  • Facebook ends Bing search partnership

    Social media giant Facebook has put an end to its two-year partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine as the provider for web search results on the social network. For the short term, Facebook is limiting search results to show content from within the network. According to reports, this is to enable Facebook to focus on enhancing its user experience, though the search and social media watchers continue to speculate that Facebook is working on its own search engine to rival that of the market leader Google. Continue reading “Facebook ends Bing search partnership” »

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