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  • SEO lessons from Google: Essentials for contemporary SEO SEO lessons from Google: Essentials for contemporary SEO

    Google released a video recently where it listed the characteristics of a good SEO consultant and how to hire one. Presented by Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, the video is an addition to the search giant’s “Do you need a SEO” page. In the 11-minute video (embedded below), Ohye provides companies looking for external SE

  • 'Mobilegeddon', Google's 'mobile-friendly' algorithm hits several top sites ‘Mobilegeddon’, Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm hits several top sites

    Google's much-talked about, and dreaded, mobile-friendly algorithm- now christened 'Mobilegeddon' by the SEO community- started rolling out on April 21, 2015. Unlike some of the other major algorithm updates, this one did not show any significant swings in the immediate aftermath of its roll-out. However, close to a week after its roll-out, several

  • Google Penguin 3.0 rolled out globally Google Penguin 3.0 rolled out globally

    If it is October, it must be time for one of the dreaded Google algorithm updates, or so it seems. Google's dreaded Penguin algorithm update has been reportedly rolled out on Friday, October 17. It is reported that this latest update affects about 1% of search queries globally. The last Penguin update was rolled out in the early part of October 2

  • Yahoo Directory to be 'retired' end of 2014 Yahoo Directory to be ‘retired’ end of 2014

    The Yahoo Directory, one of the earliest and most reputed online directories, is being "put to death" by Yahoo by the end of this year, according to a post by Jay Rossiter, SVP, Cloud Platform Group at the company. The announcement was rather inconspicuous, considering that this directory was at the forefront of the evolution of the Internet and ho

  • New Google Panda update rolled out on September 25 New Google Panda update rolled out on September 25

    Google announced a new Panda update being progressively rolled out during the week, affecting results for about 3-5% of queries. The announcement was made by Pierre Far on Google+. The latest update, referred to as Panda 4.1 by sites like SearchEngineLand, comes about 4 months after the last Panda update that was rolled out around May 22. A

  • Organic & paid search marketing: understanding intersection and implications Organic & paid search marketing: understanding intersection and implications

    We have often been asked by our search engine optimisation (SEO) clients on whether there would be any improvement in their ranking on natural search results if they did Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising as well. Our response is that we have not seen large correlations in the case of clients for whom we manage both paid and organic search

  • Google kills Google Authorship

    On the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi day of 2014, Google announced its decision to kill Google Authorship. The search engine giant made this announcement through a Google+ post by John Mueller, someone who was involved in the authorship experiment right from the beginning. What does the removal of Google Authorship mean for webmasters and SEO pro

  • Google Panda 4.0 update rocks SEO; affects web giants like eBay

    Google rolled out a new version of its Panda algorithm (supposedly, version 4.0) on May 20/21. This latest algorithm update has reportedly resulted in severely reducing the visibility in search results of several large global web properties including eBay.com and Ask.com (as reported by Searchmetrics.com). Statements from Google's head of web spam

  • Does posting content on Facebook benefit SEO?

    At this point in time, circa March 2014, no; there is no evidence of greater reach (Likes) or engagement on Facebook being helpful in boosting a website's search engine rankings. So, if you are thinking of using Facebook presence as another tactic to help drive more organic search engine traffic to your website, our advice would be to shelve that t

  • Indian SEO companies threatened as link building clean-up intensifies

    Google's anti-spam head Matt Cutts tweeted yesterday saying that the search engine has penalised a French link network Buzzea. The link network promptly announced its closure acknowledging the end of a "4-year adventure". Since the second half of last year, Google has publicly busted several link networks. What's more, Cutts has said that Google wi


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